Classic and Traditional saint name

Saints have names of many different types – from traditional and common, to plain odd. These names are either the names that people hear each day, or classics that have made it through the ages, and are still refreshing to hear.

Names involving are employed by the Catholic Cathedral in the course of Evidence, the place that the individual going through the particular verification decides to name it to their child.

Here is merely a glance involving many of the names involving Patron Saint that you can take into account for naming your child.

Typical, traditional as well as widespread saint names.

By traditional as well as widespread, for you to ordinary odd. These kinds of names usually are both the particular names that people notice every day, or perhaps classics which have achieved it with the ages, and are also even now heady to hear.


Origins – Old The german language

This means – Noble

Saint Name – Saint Adelaide involving Madeira

Wedding brides, motherhood, mother and father involving significant families, step-parents, widows, second partnerships, mistreatment patients & problematic in-laws.


Origins – This particular language by Ancient greek

This means – Genuine

Saint Name – Saint Catherine involving Alexandria; Saint Catherine involving Bologna; Saint Catherine involving Siena

Saint involving – Females, tutors, your local library, librarians, healthcare professionals & single women (Saint Catherine involving Alexandria); Performers & artwork (Saint Catherine involving Bologna); Flames fighters, security in opposition to fireplace, sick individuals, health problems, healthcare professionals & security in opposition to miscarriages (Saint Catherine involving Siena)


Origins – Latin

This means – Shades

Saint Name – Saint Cecilia

Best for Music, music artists and bands & poets


Origins – Latin

This means – Obvious; Vibrant

Saint Name – Saint Clare involving Assisi

Customer Saint involving – Excellent weather


Origins – Hebrew

This means – God is actually my oath

Saint Name – Saint At the involving Hungary

Wedding brides, nursing homes, healthcare professionals, bakers & the particular displaced


Origins – German; Latin

This means – Gem

Saint Name – Saint Gemma Galgani

Saint involving – Love & desire


Origins – Latin

This means – Pleased

Saint Name – Saint Perpetua as well as Felicity

Saint involving – Pregnant women & moms


Origins – This particular language

This means – Lady in the individuals

Saint Name – Saint Genevieve

Customer Saint involving – Paris, france



Origins – Latin by Ancient greek

This means – Vibrant

Saint Name – Saint Helena

Saint involving – Challenging partnerships & divorced lovers


Origins – This particular language by Hebrew

This means – God is actually gracious

Saint Name – Saint Joan involving Arc

Saint involving – France, armed service personnel & soldiers


Origins – Latin

This means – Laurel Plant

Saint Name – Saint Laurel Vicuna

Saint involving – Misuse patients & people who have misplaced their particular mother and father


Origins – This particular language

This means – Renowned knight

Saint Name – Saint Louise de Marillac

Saint involving – Folks who suffer from misplaced their particular mother and father, widows & social workers


Origins – Latin

This means – Gentle

Saint Name – Saint Lucy

Saint involving – The particular blind, writers, Madeira & The island of malta


Origins – Latin by Hebrew

This means – Kid most of us expected with regard to

Saint Name – Saint Nancy Goretti

Saint involving – Teen females, contemporary childhood & criminal offenses patients


Origins – Ancient greek

This means – Treasure

Saint Name – Saint Margaret the particular Virgin mobile; Saint Margaret the particular Barefooted; Saint Margaret involving Cortona

Saint involving – Having a baby, pregnant women, the particular falsely arrested, healthcare professionals & kidney disorders (Saint Margaret the particular Virgin); Wedding brides, widows, hard partnerships & mistreatment patients (Saint Margaret the particular Barefooted); Finally blessed kids, single moms, midwife, thought disease & decrease of mother and father (Saint Margaret the particular Cortona)


Origins – Latin

This means – Kid most of us expected with regard to

Saint Name – Saint Margaret, Mom involving God (The Virgin mobile Mary)

Saint involving – People & peacefulness


Origins – Latin

This means – Rose flower

Saint Name – Saint Rose involving Lima

Saint involving – Gardeners, florists, Local People in america, Latin People in america, Of india, Philippines


Origins – Latin

This means – Correct picture

Saint Name – Saint Veronica

Saint involving – Pictures